Improve Your Game

So what coaching
do we have to offer?

As a new pádel centre, we want to attract as many people as possible to playing this amazing sport. Pádel is relatively easy game to start playing and it’s great fun; of course the more skilled you become, the more you will enjoy and get out of the game. We endeavour to offer something for everyone, whatever your level, age or motivation for playing, and therefore have an extensive coaching schedule to reflect that.

Clinics, Courses & Pricing

Not only do we have standard coaching, where weekly attendance is flexible and where there is no commitment to come every single week for a given period, but we also have monthly courses for children, match play courses for the more experienced players and ´Basic Skills´clinics, which are 6 hour courses designed for beginners. The ´Basic Skills´clinics will be delivered by our in house coach, or by a British national, who has been playing for a considerable time and has played competitively at a high level.

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